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Sober October Belt for Joe Rogan

This belt has made a lot of noise being the world famous Sober October Championship Belt made exclusively by ProAmBelts for the Joe Rogan Podcast. This belt became an idea from the Joe Rogan Podcast, as Joe Rogan and his friends decided to have a competition between each other on who could be sober for the entire month of October, and make healthy lifestyle choices. This idea for a "SoberOctober" belt was discussed on their podcast, and they decided to have us here at ProAmBelts make their competition championship belt for Sober October. The hardest part was that they needed it extremely quick, and being fully custom from start to finish, this was not an easy task with their request. We accomplished this request and made this exclusive Sober October championship belt for them, and it is beautiful! Picture attached is of the owner after he completed the SoberOctober belt and shipped it off to Joe Rogan and his company. We thank Joe Rogan for choosing our business, and all this friends and staff members. Have an awesome day!