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2017-2018 ProAmBelts Fantasy Football Series

Introducing the new standard for fantasy football championship league tradition.

A custom Fantasy Football Championship belt from ProAmBelts is the perfect compliment to the winner of your fantasy football league, featuring a massive center plate with your league’s logo or a design you prefer. Commemorate each year’s winner with up to 12 custom name plates for your league! Winners take the belt on the off season and return to defend their prestigious title each year.

With its origins being traced back to the early sixties, fantasy football has become a cultural phenomenon. Fantasy football puts YOU in control! Acting as a team general manager, you draft the best players available to organize your fantasy football team before your league's deadline. Decide each week which players will start and who will be benched based on past performances, injuries, byes, etc. It’s all in your control!

For this upcoming football season, let ProAm Belts be your leagues go to place for award winning memorabilia. Visit ProAm Belts to check out our custom and stock championship belts and see how we can design the perfect belt to compliment your league champions.

Stock Championship Belts

Our custom stock championship title belt catalog is one of the most diverse available today. Find your perfect belt today that includes:

  • Fully customized for only $30! Learn More
  • Strap made of REAL football material (patent pending) Learn More
  • Yearly updated nameplates. Learn More
  • Highest quality materials Learn More
  • Various styles & designs (patent pending)
  • ProAmBelts metal belt tip Learn More
  • No velcro here! We use buttons and snaps to hold securely Learn More
  • 3D stacked metal plates (patent pending) Learn More
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Premier Championship Belts

Our fully custom premier championship belts are hands-down the highest quality belts at the best prices around. We pride ourselves in offering championship quality products for you and your champion(s). Premier custom championship title belts include:

  • 100% Fully Custom
  • High Quality Metals
  • ProAmBelts Metal Strap Tip
  • Artwork Assistance (If Needed)
  • Customizable strap and color options Learn More
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It's All About The Strategy

Assembling your fantasy football team takes time and preparation. Ultimately, selecting your players is controlled by you but keep in mind it’s all about strategy! The same goes for your ProAm fantasy football championship belt. You’ll want to pick the accessories so your belt has the look and feel of your league. Deciding on what type can seem a bit overwhelming but that’s why our team is here to help walk you through the process. We offer many kinds of accessories to accompany your championship belt such as; silver or gold plates, multilevel plates, jewel pieces, belt colors, and so much more. Our award winning, customer service team is here for you! Contact us and together we can come up with the perfect winning strategy for your fantasy football league prize!

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Only ProAmBelts

When you want a belt with the highest quality and lowest price possible, look no further than ProAm Belts! We have served many clients across many audiences including Fantasy Football Leagues such as Fan Duel and PASS Rush. With Fantasy Football being such a unique market, it takes a unique company to provide the utmost quality! Visit ProAm Belts and browse our massive library of custom and stock championship belts. Have your own design your looking to implement? That’s great! Contact our ProAm Belts team today and let’s get the ball rolling!

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