Question: How do I get my Fantasy Football Belt updated for the sideplates/nameplates?

Answer: Click "Contact Us" at the top, and fill out a form for artwork, and let us know what wording/dates you need for the update and we can organize your new update for your approval.

Question: I want to customize a FF Fantasy Football Belt within your Fantasy Football Stock belts, how do I do this?

Answer: Just click "Contact Us" at the top of the page, and let us know the name of the Fantasy Football belt you're interested in, for example the "TouchDown" belt. Then let us know what wording you'd like on the Top and Bottom Banners, and nameplates, which we will then be able to organize your layout and order for your approval. 

Question: Do you ship international, and what about duties/taxes/import charges?

Answer: Yes, but we will NOT pay for the international taxes, duties, or import bills for that is your responsibility and decision.  This is out of our hands and related to government. If you receive a package and you do not have to pay duties consider yourself lucky this shipment, but in the future DO not ask for us to pay these for this payment is out of our hands. If you want a belt shipped with $0.00 value and the international shipping loses the packages, then it is your responsibility for the lost package because you did NOT want to have a value set for the package will results in international taxing/duties/charges. We take zero responsibility for your decision and duties/taxes/imports shipments.

Question: How long does it take to make a customized stock belt after I approve the artwork?
Answer: 05-07 business days for normal production. For a rush fee we can make it within 02-03 business days and ship!

Question: Can my graphics be etched into the stock belt?
Answer: No we don't offer that on our stocks, all graphic work is a vinyl on top of the metal. 

Question: What type of vinyl is used for the customized process for the stocks? Is it cheap looking?
Answer: We use commercial grade vinyl including a laminate finish for superior quality! NO it's not cheap looking! Rich in quality and color, and thick for longevity! Other companies use a cheaper vinyl and no finish.

Question: How do I get my graphics and wording to you that I want on the stock belts?
Answer: Choose the stock belt of your choice from STOCK BELTS section and add it to your cart. Once you check out via PayPal using your PayPal account (OR Visa/Mastercard/Etc. as a Guest) you will have the option to upload your chosen artwork. We will contact you if we have questions or issues regarding your artwork.

Question: Is it $30 to customize each plate on a stock belt, or does $30 including all plates?
Answer: $30 to customize the entire belt on all the blank areas. Yeah we know... that's awesome!

Question: I want my logos and graphics etched into a belt, can this be done? 
Answer:  Yes! That would be a fully custom premier belt (non stock belt)

Question: What is a fully custom premier ProAmBelt?
Answer: Awesome!!! Well to better explain it we design them from scratch and as well as we make them (no templates) They can be just about anything for shape, size, color, and style with everything etched, engraved, painted, dipped, and layered to your request!

Question: How much do fully custom premier belts cost?
Answer:  We can email you a price guide because there are lots of variations, but they range from 450-$1300

Question: How long to make a fully custom premier belt? 
Answer:  After artwork is approve and deposit is received (1/2 of the invoice to start production) Normally 03-04 weeks ! !  NO NOT 12 weeks like other "companies".

Question: How much for shipping? 
Answer:  Shipping varies of course for where we are shipping, but our shipping is low and insured. We are located in Ohio, and we generally ship UPS. For example if we ship UPS ground it may only be $16.99 with insurance, but keep in mind we can also ship internationally with other carries, just contact us for prices.

Question: Why choose ProAmBelts? 
Answer: We specialize in designing and making belts with superior customer service! We make the HIGHEST quality belts with the LOWEST prices with the FASTEST production time and delivery! Guaranteed!

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