Craft Depot Wanted A Huge Championship Title Belt Award

ProAmBelts has once again created a beautiful premier custom trophy belt for our good friends at Craft Depot. They put together a team that is unstoppable, and wanted to reward this accomplishment with their own personalized custom champion belt. The smoothest white leather was part of their request, and we definitely accomplished that. The team also wanted a combination of gold and chrome, which is a special skill we are known to add to our design work when working directly with this client. Topped of  with the color of purple, and with our awesome design team we were able to bring their vision to life.

The artwork process is very precise, but we make it extremely easy for our clients as we listen to their requests for artwork ideas and designs. We do all the hard work with the design process for a custom championship belt, and we go through many artwork proofs to get the design and belt exactly as the customer wants.

With over 10 years of business and experience, we are the experts at designing and building the best custom championship belts. Our process only takes about 3 weeks during normal operations, compared to 12-14 weeks for our competitors.

Contact us to start the free artwork process for your fully custom premier design and championship belt.