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Breast Cancer Survivor Custom Award Championship Belt and Trophy

ProAmBelts is proud to be a part of the the fight and WIN against cancer with this event we sponsored for a breast cancer survivor. It's a tough subject to talk about, as this illness has taken many lives from a lot of us, but when we do win that fight against cancer it truly is an event or moment that you'll hold onto for the rest of your live. The belt we created was to honor the long enduring fight and mental struggle one takes with the procedures to be fight cancer , and the picture shows this amazing survivor and champion.  The great techniques with designing and creating our custom championship belts and awards is limitless, and as clients approach us with different ideas we then take those ideas and bring them to life. We made the process for our client as easy as possible, including the delivery of the belt. The custom cancer survivor award belt was a huge hit, and the memories made on this day are priceless, and were happy to be a part with our awesome product we specialize in.