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Strength, Conditioning, and Body Building Championship title belt awards

Happy new years everyone! We recently had the opportunity to work with a a couple universities and high school athletic programs, and we helped design and make all their strength and conditioning awards for custom championship title belts.  Clients come to us with little to nor experience with design, and that is where our professionals step in and throw some weights around with design work and mock up a very detailed computer rendition to a custom championship award belt. We add in our expertise to help make the belt looks like an international sought out championship belt that speaks volumes. Some key characteristics for our clients can be their choice of colors of leather straps, plates, and belt ends with fasteners. Whether it's one belt for an overall champion, or it's multiple belts for different categories of strength and conditioning, we can complete about order in a timely manner. Customized stock championship belts only take about 05 business days, and fully custom premier belts can be done in about 03 weeks (varies on features/artwork) To see examples of fully custom premier title belts, click here. Contact us for a free layout at ProAmBelts to see why we are world recognized as the highest quality title belts with fastest production, while offering the best prices. 

Body building championship title belts and physique championship award belts can be seen in the image on this article, and more questions feel free to contact ProAmBelts.