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Championship Chains, a new award trophy by ProAmBelts

ProAmBelts Inc is proud to announce the launch of Championship Chains (R). A registered trademark for our fully custom champion chains, also seen as a turnover chain. These heavy all metal award chains have been made by ProAmBelts for over 3 years, but we recently completed and received the registered trademark for our new company and products, and can be seen at www. ChampionshipChains.com

The list of current clients for our premier fully custom chains is very impressive. Our clients have gotten to know and trust our quality of work with ProAmBelts, and see the same features in our award trophy champion chains. A solid medal chest plate can be just about any shape or size, and to see a lot of impressive custom chains we have made please view here https://championshipchains.com/products/premier . These fully custom chains, also inspired by the 80s/90s hip hop style, can have multiple layers of cut metal to give it more of a 3D look. Whether you want chrome or gold, or a combination of both, we will design it and build it. The artwork process is very detailed and precised, and with your vision we can show you exactly what it would look like prior to purchasing your new award champion chain.

Our custom football turnover chains are very strong and heavy duty, and we currently have two selections of stock chains that can be customized with your team name and previous winners. To view the options please click here https://championshipchains.com/products/stock/football . The football champion chains, or football turnover chains, can be a customize fantasy football chain and shipped within 05 business days! These are lesser in cost and faster in production than the fully custom premier chains.For more information about our football championship chains please contact us at ProAmBelts or visit here https://championshipchains.com/contact

For blank championship chains, we have an amazing selection of products that can be seen here https://championshipchains.com/products/ . There are certain stock chains that have a blank middle section on the chest plate medallion and can be customized with your photos, graphics, and logos. Please contact us so we can do the layouts for you to review on your new custom championship chain. The huge custom champion medallions can be completed and shipped within a couple days, and seen as an awesome new award for corporate sales team, MVP, birthdays, retirements, bachelors, sports, and so much more!