The PFFL Plumbing Fantasy Football League

The PFFL Plumbing Fantasy Football League


Three layers of metal for the centerplate! Yes, very difficult but not impossible for ProAmBelts to do this! We specialize in making the world's great custom championship belts, and it all starts with our amazing staff and the artwork we make. Contact us for a free layout for your ProAmBelt. 

The centerplate does have 03 layers, and the sideplates have the nameplates that are layered to be easily removed and updated. This custom fantasy football championship award belt is a premier award, and is super heavy. We mounted these plates to a premier leather strap, and puts snaps/buttons on the ends for closeure. The fantasy football FF league that we designed and made this championship belt for was blown out of the water with the quality, our 03 week production time, and the price compared to other bids.

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Premier fantasy football Custom Championship Title Belt
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Global Domination Championship Belt

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