Sparta Economy

Sparta Economy

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Sparta Helmet, Custom Championship Title Belts

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Sparta Economy

When you’re ready to take on all competition, our Sparta Helmet Championship Belt is up for the challenge. Featuring the design of a Spartan helmet on the center plate, this piece of Spartan spirit is one of our most popular custom championship belts! The belt proudly displays five brass plates and an  approximate 12” x 12” center plate. The belt itself contains jewels in the strap and a soft back for total comfort. The plates are fully customizable along with the black ribbon designs.  Our economy stye belts are super awesome with how large  the belts are, but being super low in price.

Contact us for customizing options. We can add any wording and numbers on the nameplates and centerplate banners.


  • Five brass plates

  • Approximate 12” x 12” center plate

  • Jewels

  • Flexible synthetic strap
  • 3 lbs

Please Note: This product is not a weapon and does rounded off dull spikes, althought this item is used for display only and not a weapon, they still can cause harm if the belt is used for other than display uses. Buyer assumes and takes all responsibilties and will soley buy this product only for display. Seller does not hold any responsiblity for this display belt and the customer's actions.

Notice, there is a small ProAmBelts logo next to the snaps on every ProAmBelt that may not show on older pictures.

Product Reviews

  • drinkon17
    San Diego, CA USA
    So quick!

    I needed this belt as quickly as possible and the staff was more than helpful. I had some issues ordering online so I contacted them and they were more than willing to help me through the process. I can't thank them enough. When the belt arrived I was blown away by how amazing it is. I couldn't be more happy. Thank you guys!