Skull Economy

Skull Economy

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Skull, Custom Championship Title Belts

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Skull Economy

When you want to impress with attitude, look no further than the ProAm Belts Skull Economy Championship Belt! Featuring beautiful colored and detailed craftsmanship on this fine piece of hardware, the Skull Economy Custom Championship Belt is an eye catcher. Equipped with a flexible synthetic strap,  five brass plates, and a  center plate measuring approximately 11” x 11”, this belt is a perfect gift and/or award.

Contact us for customizing options. We can add any wording and numbers on the nameplates and centerplate banners. 


  • Five brass plates

  • Synthetic strap

  • Brass plates
  • adult size
  • 3.5 lbs

Please Note: This product is not a weapon and does rounded off dull spikes, althought this item is used for display only and not a weapon, they still can cause harm if the belt is used for other than display uses. Buyer assumes and takes all responsibilties and will soley buy this product only for display. Seller does not hold any responsiblity for this display belt and the customer's actions.

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