Hercules Title Belt
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Hercules Title Belt

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Hercules Title Belt

Introducing the new Hercules custom championship belt, that has dual plating for a 3D look. This belt is a super awesome product that has a lot of attitude with the hardware we mounted to the strap. ProAmBelts mounted "Spikes" in between the plate, to give that mean looking attitude of intitimation and champion for the belt. This really is a hardcore intercontinential championship belt. Customize this belt, with your logos, images,graphics, and wording, and to do so please just contact us and we will do a free layout for you on this Hercules Belt.

White strap option limited, please ask if interested. 

Please Note: This product (HERCULES) is not a weapon and does have pointed corners and pointed dull spikes, althought this item is used for display only and not a weapon, they still can cause harm if the belt is used for other than display uses. Buyer assumes and takes all responsibilties and will soley buy this product only for display. Seller does not hold any responsiblity for this hercules display belt and the customer's actions.

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