MVP Custom Fantasy Football Championship Belt
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MVP Custom Fantasy Football Championship Belt

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MVP Custom Fantasy Football Championship Belt

Please Note, currently we have some in black leather with a WHITE trim, please advise and contact us-

When you have superior design, superior quality and a superior price you earned the right to be called number one! MVP Championship Fantasy Football Belt IS without a doubt has earned that right. The belt is almost perfect in every area. The belt features our new sophisticated strap made from similar material as a football that gives an amazing look and feel of quality perfection. Contact a ProAmBelt rep to discuss customizing name plates and center plates for the number one fantasy football championship belt around.

The METAL centerplate is about 11"x11" , and we designed and manufactured the football player with the top/bottom banner to have a 3D look with layers of cut metal to pop out, check out some of the videos.

On the MVP belt, we can customize the top/bottom banners on the centerplate + sideplates with names/dates.

Strap is about 53" in length with adjustable snaps, and the strap has a similar texture and material as a football ! Originally and only at ProAmBelts !

Nameplates can be easily taken off and reattached within seconds if you want to have it engraved locally (do not engrave the centerplate top/bottom banners) OR we can customize those for you for with your league name and previous winners, just click contact us for a free layout!

This product has been used also as a unique MVP trophy or award upgrade for leagues and accomplishments!


Product Reviews

  • footballfanatic
    Loveland, CO USA
    Overall happy

    Delivered really fast, and the customer service was amazing. However, the belt could be a little better for the price. Overall I'm happy, but I just wish the detail on the front of it was a little more defined. Still a great trophy to award our champion and the customizing was pretty easy.

  • jskils
    Oakland, CA USA
    I love my MVP

    Everyone in my fantasy football league wants this belt so bad. We can't believe how amazing it looks. So heavy and feels like a wwe belt or something. Great quality! Amazing ProamBelts!